Project Management is central to all of LANDCORE’s services. It’s an important part of what separates an engineering firm from a consulting firm. Project Management involves the proactive strategization, planning, organizing, and resource management needed to help ensure that a project gets completed on time and on budget.

The best chance of a successful project is to do the proper homework BEFORE spending substantial money on design and permitting. LANDCORE draws on its experience to perform low-cost customized feasibility studies at the onset of a project to identify likely key issues and hurdles. The scope of these services is customized to the specific project, client/investor needs, and time/budget available.

  • Development Feasibility Studies/Site Investigation Reports
  • Conceptual Development Planning & Strategy Consulting
  • Critical Path Project Tracking and Reporting
  • Single-Point Project Team Management
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Value Engineering Analysis
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