Established in 2006, LANDCORE Engineering Consultants, P.C. provides land development consulting services, site design & permitting services, construction phase services, and project management and due diligence services to the private real estate development sector throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. The firm focuses on incorporating sustainable solutions and a partnership mindset into the land development process to help its clients navigate an increasingly changing and challenging landscape. LANDCORE believes in supporting the community and socially responsible organizations through annual contributions and donations of time and talent. Starting as a sole proprietorship, LANDCORE has evolved to become a team of industry-leading civil engineers and project managers.

“It’s crazy to think that it’s been 15 years since I left a secure job at a great firm to follow my dream of owning my own business – it’s been a great ride,” said Matthew Rutt, PE, LANDCORE’s president and founder. “Hard work, a supportive spouse, a talented team, and loyal clients have made LANDCORE’s growth and success possible.”

Rutt attributes the firm’s success, in part, to his decision to cultivate a remote workforce since inception.

“What started as a temporary measure evolved into a carefully constructed growth platform that helped us weather a historic recession and a global pandemic,” Rutt reflected. “We’ve spent 15 years perfecting the systems and technologies required to remain nimble and attract a top talent team that’s growing not just in numbers, but also in sophistication, culture, and cohesiveness.”

LANDCORE’s remote workforce is spread throughout its coverage area and beyond. For client convenience, the firm maintains office and conference space in its key markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.  The firm began by servicing developers primarily in the retail sector but has evolved to be a trusted partner to clients throughout residential, industrial, multifamily, renewable energy and institutional sectors as well.

“I am humbled by the hard work and commitment of those around me and can’t wait to see all the amazing accomplishments this team will attain in the next 15 years,” added Rutt. “A heartfelt thank you to all who have had a role in our success.”

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Phone Number and Mailing Address For All Offices

Ph# 215-836-2510

P.O Box 37635 #56287

Philadelphia, PA 19101-0635

12 W. Willow Grove Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118
1853 William Penn Way
Lancaster, PA 17605
100 Overlook Center Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
201 Penn Center Blvd Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15235


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